We're a team of 27 passionate individuals
working together to end unnecessary health care waiting.

InQuicker was founded in 2006 by Tyler Kiley
who teamed up with Michael Brody-Waite in 2009.

Michael Brody-Waite
Michael Brody-Waite
Chief Executive Officer,

As InQuicker's CEO and Co-Founder, Michael is responsible for our company's strategic direction. Michael joined Tyler in 2009 after leaving a Fortune 50 company at the height of a recession to bootstrap our growth. And bootstrap he did, growing and leading the InQuicker team to improve our revenue by 91x. In his spare time, Michael can be found dominating on the tennis court, working with those in the recovery community in Nashville, or cheering for his beloved San Francisco 49ers.

Tyler Kiley
Tyler Kiley
Chief Technology Officer,

Tyler Kiley is CTO and Co-Founder of InQuicker, which he created with insight from a hospital CEO and ED nurse (his father and mother, respectively). Having essentially "grown up" in the emergency department, Tyler often wondered why there wasn't a tech-based solution to help people stuck in the waiting room - so he made one himself. When he isn't drinking coffee and coding, Tyler frequents the ski slopes or the business end of a lead rope. Sometimes both. At the same time. While coding.

Since then we've expanded our reach to 371 facilities in 25 states.

  • Kurt Essenmacher Kurt Essenmacher VP Customer Operations
  • Jerrett Taylor Jerrett Taylor VP Product Development
  • Stacie Pawlicki Stacie Pawlicki VP Marketing
  • Adam West Adam West VP Business Development
  • Julie McKnight Julie McKnight Physician Scheduling Manager
  • Anna Alexander Anna Alexander Internal Operations Director
  • Chris Song Chris Song Director of PR
  • Ben Martin Ben Martin Implementation Manager
  • Scott Donehoo Scott Donehoo Business Development Director
  • Stephanie Martin Stephanie Martin Business Development Director
  • Stephanie Alexander Stephanie Alexander Business Development Director
  • Carly Cook Emily Martin Business Development Director
  • Holly Paetz Holly Paetz Director of Finance
  • Erica Fabrikant Erica Fabrikant General Counsel
  • Anupa Naik Anupa Naik Implementation Manager
  • Adam Peebles Adam Peebles Business Development Director
  • Dan Insley Dan Insley Developer
  • Ryan Barber Ryan Barber Developer
  • Hez Ronningen Hez Ronningen Developer
  • Moeed Mohammad Moeed Mohammad Designer
  • Eric Guroff Eric Guroff Marketing Specialist
  • Rachel Walton Rachel Walton Business Development Director
  • Brianne Bullock Brianne Bullock Business Development Director
  • Anna Jordan Anna Jordan Business Development Specialist
  • Carly Cook Carly Cook Business Development Specialist

Our Advisory Board

  • Michael Burcham Michael Burcham Chairman of the Board
  • Dr. Steele Dr. Robert Steele Chief Medical Officer
  • Tim Rogers Tim Rogers Advisor
  • Dr. Jeff Cornwall Dr. Jeff Cornwall Advisor